Thickening the Plot

My wonderful-and-amazing-partner-in-crime (well, second wonderful-and-amazing-partner-in-crime, as the first one has four legs and lacking posable thumbs or a desire to read) has learned more and more about my amazing book collection.

I should preface this entry with a tiny introduction. Stemming from a inside joke amongst girlfriends, My wonderful-and-amazing-partner-in-crime #2 shall be hereby referred to as Mr. Awesome. Yes, I’m aware this smacks of a SITC episode but get over it. Hopefully I won’t have an awful block-buster moment where I write something he doesn’t like and this turns into a melodramatic romance novel where the crowd, miraculously, goes mild.

Shortly after we met, he came over to hang for a bit and I had to do an insane mad-dash cleanup of epic proportions. This included shoving my piles of books into my extra closet and moving more piles into my bedroom and shutting the door. He never made it off the couch. Mr Awesome is likely the cleanest person I know, and I was not about to kill a relationship that hadn’t even started yet!

Back to the point.

We have often exchanged books that we loved and I was searching for the latest and greatest share to send over to him.  He travels a lot for a living so books are an important way to stay entertained whilst on the road. In my genius I’ve now accomplished things a 12th Grade English Teacher could only dream of.

To give you a general idea, we went this route:

NT>MrA: Theo’s Odyssey – Clement #fail

MrA>NT: Crash – JG Ballard #win

MrA>NT: Geek Love – Katherine Dunn #win

At two to one, I needed to up my game.

“Have you ever read Catcher in the Rye?” – silence- “What about To Kill a Mockingbird?” – more silence- “Of Mice & Men? Grapes of Wrath? Cannery Row? ANIMAL FARM?!?!?!”

MrA: “I didn’t really take much interest in my English Classes in school”

(seeing my clean pass to a win here) NT: “What if I just send a few over and you can read the ones that peak your interest? I promise: no homework, no term paper. They are way better that way anyway.”

MrA: “Deal”


Fast Forward

Well, he’s finished Catcher, Cannery Row, and has slid his way into TKAMB and it’s been solid wins. Lessening my book pile and stacking his. Who knew my favorite books were multitasking as weapons of war?


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