Getting in the Habit

A couple of weeks ago I signed up with a local women’s organization to do a ‘Build Day’ @ the Habitat for Humanity multi-home site in Lynwood, California.  What a great experience and fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


From beginning to end, I learned so much. After a quick informational and safety session we were divided into teams. My team was taught how to measure, cut, and properly place siding – complete with proper caulking procedures to prevent water damage and how to cut siding to work windows, door frames and awkward edges.  In total we got about 5 rows done (a small effort, but we felt accomplished!) and were completely covered in dust and sweat by about 3:00 PM.


Better still than all the building was learning about all the other things Habitat does for the community. Did you know that the houses are not given away? Each new owner has to go through a lengthy process and also contribute to the home they are building, whether it is for themselves or another, completing 200-500 hours of #sweatequity to complete the efforts, and each family has a mortgage that is manageable with their income to eventually own their home. Children in the family can help burn those hours: good grades count towards those #sweatequity hours too!

I was really impressed with Habitat’s program and all they had to offer. Also glad to hear that the Re-Store project raises money to build 2-3 more homes and does not go solely to operation costs.

If you’re looking for a way to get a group together and volunteer time & energy over dollars & cents, go for it!


(All photos from this entry taken by A. Boltinghouse)


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