My Journey to Happy

The fun thing about the New Year is you can list all these things that you are going to do differently and then never accomplish them by tacking on ‘next year I’ll do it’.  The funny thing about this is that there really is more potential to get things done if you come up with a far smaller strategy.

Start with Today. I don’t care if Today is January 5 or October 12. Just don’t procrastinate and start ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next year’ as it makes it easier to push further and further into the distance.

Keep those goals in Baby-Step form! Small goals get accomplished more quickly and are far more easy to obtain. “Today, I’m going to have a salad and go for a 30 minute walk” vs “Next year I’m going to eat healthier and exercise every day”.

Don’t lose sight of those bigger goals! Having dreams and fighting for them are great things to do. Creating baby-steps makes them more possible.

(Lecture over, now on to my process)

I don’t know about you, but I’m much better at smaller goals. Last year, I started with a small goal. I’m going to be happier. Life took me by the horns and didn’t leave me with much emotional support (again) and I decided to take things into my own hands.

Major Goal: Be happier.

Baby-Step goal 1: Donate items wherever possible to non-profit organizations.

Remember when you were younger and taught that it’s better to give than to receive? I took that seriously. Wow! What a difference. See my earlier articles about donating for reference!

Baby-Step goal 2: Reassess my financial state and made some changes to my spending habits and savings plans.

I’ve found some amazing websites/blogs that are happy to help you plan this out, like this one. Having more money in my pocket (and less stuff) feels really good.

Baby-Step goal 3: Cut out the caffeine.

Odd goal right? Coffee was destroying my insides. I was drinking somewhere between 6-8 cups of coffee a day. I changed jobs a few years ago and was moving around a lot less, and the coffee habit stuck and started causing health problems I will do you the courtesy of not sharing. While the migraines from caffeine-withdrawal were not fun, it was well worth it. I now have 1 cup, on occasion, and use it as a tool, not a crutch.

Baby-Step goal 4: Appreciate the current day more.

This is a difficult one for me, as I often worry about the future and try to solve the world’s problems at bedtime. Goal 3 helped a lot with goal 4, but it is certainly not over. Trying to take some time not to focus on the past or the future each day is not easy but it does make a difference in my overall wellness.

Baby-Step goal 5: Learn from my dog.

When I stopped letting some of the previous issues bother me, I started focusing on him a bit more and noticing changes he made and how he’d react to me. We are working on a better relationship and it is a daily process.

Baby-Step goal 6: Re-map my long-term goals and make sure I’m checking in with myself to stay on task.

In my process, I have a few other major goals that I’ll elaborate on later but they are helping me stay on track and making the most of a mediocre situation.

Got suggestions on more things I could be doing? Please respond below!


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