Baby-Step goal 3: Cut out the caffeine

I should probably title this one Cut Down the Caffeine – I’m not completely over it yet…but I’m close!

I am in love with that thick, black warm hug of a cup of coffee. Espresso, Turkish coffee in a demitasse, cappuccino, or just beautiful black coffee – yeah, I have a problem.  It never feels like a problem when everyone around you drinks a ton of coffee, AND everyone around you depends on you to be running around like the world will stop if you don’t keep moving.  That’s the kind of job I had for years until I made the change to slow it down.

If you had any idea how much acid you were pouring into your system when you drink 8 cups of black coffee a day, you’d be sick. And I was! I had stomach ulcers, migraines, and digestive conditions. What started with stomach pains and an endoscopy ended with caffeine-withdrawal headaches and a temporary diet change. Thank goodness it wasn’t permanent! Bland diets are SO BORING!!!

I’m talking no spicy foods, no caffeine, no eggs, no dairy, no nuts, no citrus fruits, no fruit juices (apple okay) and depending on how I was doing, I even had to limit my water!!! Now I am a food-lover, and I cook to decompress at the end of my day. This was brutal, but I had no one to blame but me and my deeper affection for the demonic black stuff.  What’s a woman to do?

This past holiday season I was particularly bad with my “cheating”. Remember 2 posts ago where I mentioned I got my self down to one cup occasionally? I would like to strike November-December 2014 from the record. Starbucks had this amazing Chestnut Praline Latte that was beyond addictive. I will say no more, but my stomach, et al, was not pleased and neither was my pant size as a result.

Back on the plan again (and, surprisingly enough, in a new year) I’ve been on 3 days no caffeine, 2 days with 1 cup Green Tea.

How has this affected me? I can calm down faster at the end of the day, eat food at a reasonable pace, do more accurate work, and get worked-up about things one heck of a lot less. At the rate I was drinking it (I should also point out that at home, I didn’t make coffee, I made rocket fuel!) I’m not sure how I got anything done properly. I’m also surprised I wasn’t able to get myself to work by sheer force alone instead of using my car.

I still go to Starbucks on occasion (old habits are hard to break), but now I go for their Green Tea Latte, no sweetener, and save my coffee for real special occasions…like November & December.


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