Holy Endorphins!

I’ve been told that as a member of the present population of this planet, it is wise to be concerned about my online image. I need to be extremely cautious about what I say, I sign and write. I should be outwardly concerned with the pictures I take of myself and the pictures others take of me.

This is particularly true if I ever want to be involved in a social or public profession. I am also told that as a person who wants to work in a social field such as psychology, education, or some other field where we help people through their path that it is imperative that I not share details about my own life.

Yah, okay…I want to learn about others and teach them without embracing the human condition myself and open up to vulnerability?  I see the professional perspective, but I’m willing to point out my flaws and ration that I, too, am a part of the species.

So here’s my “selfie” (I loathe that phrase). These are my feet, and I am thankful for them. They get me places and far too many people take their own feet for granted. These feet are NOT perfect as far as the average consumer might feel. I have a plantar’s wart on my left foot that won’t go away, and a toenail that swears it prefers to be ingrown a good 65% of the time. I have a freckle on my big toe on the same foot and one in-between two others. I’m a middle aged female who is slender-ish, a decent job and fortunate to have a lot of very positive things going for me.


These amazingly imperfect feet of mine started running this weekend (note running shoes). These are the first sneakers outside of a pair of Chucks that I have purchased since I was probably 18. Before this, I wore mostly fashionable high heeled shoes for the sake of fashion. For my ‘social’ image. Well made shoes feel great, but as a whole, pumps do not. High heels can make a woman feel sexy, sophisticated and powerful. I had no idea what these sneakers would and are doing for me.

Holy Endorphins!

I’m not athletic. I’m not a sports’ fan and I’m by no means going to join Crossfit (aka The Cult). I’m not worried about fitting into designer size 2 dresses anymore. Heck, I’m not even worried about a size 6. Honestly, I’m not worried, period. That feeling has gone far away and it’s amazing!!!!

Four days of exercise (yes, I’m that new to this): 1 day running, 1 day yoga, 1 day running – 1 day break – do it again.

I used to laugh at everyone who would go to the gym to work off their anger/angst/irritation…I laugh no more. It is early still and I have a long way to go, but WOW is it worth it! Never in my wildest dreams would I ever believe that I couldn’t wait to get home to go for a run.

What was even more amazing to me was the “friends” I’ve made. In a city that can be terribly unfriendly, I’ve found nice people in my neighborhood. There’s this underworld community of runners: Solo people, doing there thing that see you running will very likely smile back at you (and say hi!), and all you have to do is give it a shot.

What makes this worthy of a blog entry? Find something you LIKE doing that is active, whether a brisk walk, jumping rope, skateboarding, whatever…not everyone is doing it (I wasn’t) and not everyone has to watch you. You don’t even need to post your accomplishments online. This is something you could just do for you.


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