I have a little explaining to do…

I started out this blog with the intentions of writing about all the shenanigans I’ve gotten myself into. All the blunders, the mistakes, the tears and crack-ups…yet I kept on worrying about outcome and if anyone would read it.

After reading a few of my blog entries, I realized I didn’t want to write about that at all. I also had the epiphany that half of my entries were HIGHLY depressing (no one wants to read about that).  Thankfully around the same time I noticed I was bothered that the people who surrounded me were so self-absorbed that they would whine about there have-nots and forget they had quite a lot.

From it all I decided to embark on a mission: to be happy. Seems simple, right? It’s not. I will be the first one to tell you, I can get in a funk too easily. I’ve tried more methods of ‘being happy’ by other people’s standards and they are NOT WORKING. This time I think I’ll do it my way.

I am NOT a saint, nor do I pretend to be. I make a lot of mistakes and fall down on my face a bit, but I do want to make a solid change in the daily goings-on in my world. I hope that this is a means of inspiration for others, not a pat on the back for myself. If you find a post that inspires you or reminds of something you did – please share!!!

Disclaimer: I’ll be posting links to causes and groups I’m getting involved in and am not being paid or encouraged by these groups or others to do so. My reason for posting these is to encourage others to contribute (where they want to and when they can) as well.

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